“We started working on our project in 1995. We Wanted to make the first private investment bank in Mozambique incorporated by Mozambicans. We didn’t even have an office then, but Consultec and friends would kindly share their space. It was a crazy dream, but we did it! In 1999, we inaugurated BCI – Banco Comercial de Investimentos, and it was a great success. Many projects and companies followed BCI in such different industries – salt, tea, bricks, cinemas, micro credit…

By then we had already ioncorporated SCI to be the holding of our dreams. And we had managed to engaged so many Mozabicans who wanted to be part of our projects. I remember the day Malangatana approched me in a gas station and told me he wanted to be a shareholder of the bank. Everybody wanted to be part of this join effort to contribute to Mozambique’s development. Gathering so many shareholders in one company was pionner in the newly independent Mozambique.

In 2007, we sold our interest in BCI and incorporated Epsilon Investimentos to continue the mission we envisioned for SCI. This main idea of combining efforts to develop projects that each individual shareholder cannot achieve alone remains our leitmotif”

Abdul Magid Osman
Founder and CEO of Epsilon Investimentos S.A.